CEO Pay Gaps Are Growing

The easiest way to define pay inequality is looking at how much a CEO is paid compared to the amount their employees are paid. The excessive amount that CEOs are paid not only matters because of general inequality, but it affects the entire pay structure within a company. The money that the CEO is being paid comes from the same place that everyone else’s’ pay is coming from as well.

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Bezos to Step Down as CEO of Amazon

Amazon announced on February 2nd that Jeff Bezos will be stepping down from the position of CEO. The position will be turned over to Andy Jassy, chief executive of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Bezos will transition to the role of executive chair this summer, stepping away from the responsibilities of CEO while also remaining deeply involved in the company. According to NBC news, Bezos follows the continual pattern of American tech company founders stepping down from the CEO position, such as Bill Gates at Microsoft and Larry Ellison at Oracle.

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