$20.20 Makeup Release During the 2020 Election by Biden Beauty

Makeup and fashion trends come and go, but voting is forever. Or it is for at least the following four years, minus the local elections. This pandemic has restricted every aspect of our life, including the ability to participate in the democratic process— voting. Yet somehow, this has been one of the best voters turnouts America has seen, and perhaps Biden Beauty is a small contribution to this trend.

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This Season’s Biggest Trend: Voting

At its core, fashion is a form of self-expression. During the campaigning season of the 2020 election, many Americans have let fashion choices express their political stances. From sporting apparel, masks, T-shirts, totes, and accessories: every article of clothing worn by these political fashionistas incorporated the importance of voting in their outfit of the day. The propaganda must have worked looking at the quantity of this year’s voter turnouts.

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