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Kristin Juszczyk Scores NFL Deal

Tiya Antony
Fashion News Editor

Kristin Juszczyk is the wife of Kyle Juszczyk, 49ers fullback player, and known for her game day fashion looks. Kristin is a self-taught designer that uses her social media platform to share her before and after designing videos in which she reworks sports merchandise of jerseys, t-shirts, blankets, pillows, and more for NFL fans. She creates trendy pieces like corsets, miniskirts, and puffer vests to incorporate higher fashion into football. Juszczyk scored a new deal right before Super Bowl LVIII allowing her to use the NFL logo in her future designs.

Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes wearing Kristin’s Designs (Photo Courtesy of US Weekly)

Recently, Juszczyk has gained increased popularity after being the designer for Taylor Swift’s red puffer jacket when she was supporting boyfriend Travis Kelce in the playoffs against the Miami Dolphins. The puffer jacket stitched with Kelce’s jersey number 87 received even more attention when Brittany Mahomes, wife of Patrick Mahomes, was seen wearing a similar puffer jacket. This free marketing and promotion kick started the recent attention surrounding Juszczyk’s brand.

She has previously designed a green bubble vest for Simon Biles to support her husband Johnathan Owens playing for Green Bay Packers. Actor Taylor Lautner has also worn Juszczyk’s looks as a fan of the Detroit Lions. Even 49ers players like Deebo Samuel have been spotted wearing Juszczyk’s original designs.

Kristin at Super Bowl LVIII (Photo Courtesy of Page Six)

Juszczyk grew up in New York and met her now husband, Kyle, when she was studying in Baltimore Towson University and the two got married in 2019. In 2017, Kristin began to experiment with fashion and created custom emblems for her friends and fellow partners of the football players. She started her own brand, The Origin Shop, in 2018. Kristin attended Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas with an exceptional jacket that honored Kyle’s career with representations of Harvard and Pro Bowls.

Kyle commented “I’m so proud of her. And she’s extremely talented, and the things she’s putting out there are one of a kind. I wanted to make sure she got that credit,” showing full support for his wife’s fashion endeavors.

Women’s NFL fashion wear has drastically widened over the last decades, allowing more fashionable creativity in supporting teams. Kristin Juszczyk work further proves that fashionable apparel can be worn, other than typical sportswear, in order to support teams. The close Superbowl game occurred on February 11th leading to a Chief’s victory. Despite this defeat, Kristin scored big in increasing the fashion attention at the NFL and bagging the license deal to continue creating new fashion designs.


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