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Club Spotlight: Pinky Swear Pack

By Payton Costenbader
Staff Writer

Pinky Swear Pack is a nationwide organization of students that helps spread the message of the Pinky Swear Foundation. Recognized as a club at SHU, Pinky Swear Pack meets biweekly on Mondays at 6pm to put the ‘fun’ in fundraiser and bring awareness on campus for the cause that they support, which is raising money for childhood cancer patients and their families. The mission statement for this organization is that while “working alongside our national organization, our chapter at Seton Hall, through fundraising, helps provide financial support to kids with cancer and their families so they can focus on what matters most: their children.”

Pinky Swear Pack, looking to make a difference.

As stated on, “Nobody plans for cancer,” and parents of Mitch Chepokas did not plan for their son to be diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of nine. In December of 2002 it was evident that this would be Mitch’s last Christmas. He had heard of the other patients, friends of his, in the cancer unit not being able to receive presents on Christmas morning due to lack of funds/resources as their parents had to focus on the abundance of medical debt they accumulated during the child’s fight against their illness. He divided his own money among the other kids to ensure that they were able to have a Christmas celebration that year, and he made his father pinky swear that after his passing he was to continue raising money for those in need. Mitch passed away April 11th 2003, and he is well-known as the founder of the Pinky Swear Foundation, a cause that has raised over 16 million dollars for children with cancer and their families.

Pinky Swear Pack, the student communities that serve to aid in the foundation’s mission, came to Seton Hall’s campus in 2019. President of the SHU chapter, Alexandra Cherry, gave the statement that, “Our events are catered to spreading the mission of Pinky Swear and allowing members of the SHU community to join us for this amazing cause. Our members help make a difference in the lives of many of the All-Star kids funded by Pinky Swear.” Participating in these fundraisers and giving attention to this group of students on campus is a heartwarming experience to say the least. Knowing that my personal contribution, attendance, and support to this group can make a difference for a family suffering through hard times is an empowering experience that motivates me to create a positive impact on the society I live in.

Some of the events Pinky Swear Pack has done.

Final commentary from President Alexandra Cherry includes ways that you can get involved in this student organized group on campus. “Our secretary, Benjamin Matheu and PR Manager Kaitlynn Russell work tirelessly to produce amazing updates via email and social media! Our Instagram @pspack_shu is where students can find all of our important updates! Students interested in becoming a member can sign up via Engage and will be added to our email list!” The next event that Pinky Swear Pack will be hosting is “Just Dance Night” which will take place February 26, 2024 at 6pm, Jubilee 211. As a club that holds such great values in the hearts of all its members, it is well worth checking out and giving your support to.

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