American Airlines Gives Flight Attendants Holiday Pay Bump

Radha Patel
International Business Editor

American Airlines will pay flight attendants 150% premium pay if they choose to work during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Furthermore, flight attendants can earn 300% premium pay if no absences are taken during peak holiday time between November 15th and January 2nd. This change comes after the airline experienced a significant fallout during the Halloween weekend last month. As a result, thousands of flights were canceled due to staffing shortages, but American Airlines also attributed this fallout to inclement weather in its Dallas-Fort Worth hub.

Despite the efforts of American Airlines, shortly after the company’s announcement, the Allied Pilots Association’s board of directors voted against the 150% and 300% premium pay for the holidays. The union expressed that they want more permanent changes in how American builds its schedule and is under contract negotiations with the airline.

Pictured above is an American Airlines plane (Photo courtesy of Google Images)

One reason for the staff shortage is the stress being put on the pilots and flight attendants. Many of them report having difficulty finding hotel rooms to rest, as mandated by the government. Furthermore, the federal coronavirus vaccine regulations are a cause for concern because the company is complying with them. As a result, according to some industry analysts, many airline employees may quit their jobs rather than get vaccinated.


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