SIX Black-Owned Business That Take Today’s Trends To The Next Level

Iyanna Fairfox
Stillman Trending Writer

As the month of February comes to an end, use the spirit of Black History Month to encourage yourself to find ways that can aid young black creatives to foster an economy for the community. Listed below are a series of black-owned businesses that dedicated their work to implement positive changes in fashion and representation. Welcome the brands and, you will find that there is something to offer for everyone!

(Photo courtesy of Karl Kani’s Instagram @Karlkaniclothing)

Karl Kani

A company that began in 1989 is now trending and providing the hottest Y2K and 90’s looks. The black-owned business includes outerwear for both men and women. The brand honors the heritage built from black communities’ creation of streetwear fashion. Artists like Aaliyah, Biggie, and 2Pac have been wearing KarlKani and, now the brand is coming back in style like they never left!
Instagram: @karlkaniclothing

This business is climbing its way to mainstream fashion with products inspired by vintage pieces. The clothing brand has hundreds of styles from many periods. Owner Shilla-Kim Parker dedicates her time to finding the perfect vintage selections for her stores across the US! The business also pays homage to the decades while providing representation lacking in the past.
Instagram: @shopthrilling

Noesso, is an abstract line of unisex pieces for any occasion. The unique cuts, muted colors, all blend to create fashion-forward pieces since 2015. A customer can find casual loungewear that is cozy and wearable for all gender. The creator utilizes the platform to create a space for young black creatives to be a part of high fashion trends. It is the perfect line to purchase a statement piece.
Instagram: @noesso

A brand dedicated to making collections that are stylish and comfortable for all ages. The collections are inspired by things like modern art, black history, and popular trends. The daily paper creates fashion that ranges from tracksuits to business, to casual wear. DailyPaper even has clothing for a baby!
Instagram: @dailypaper

(Photo courtesy of Shop Thrilling’s official Instagram @shipthrilling)

Adore Adorn
This company is an up-and-coming jewelry shop that anyone can enjoy. On their website, you can find bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings! The creators use various gemstones and precious metals to form pieces that bring good energy to all customers!
Instagram: @adore.adorn

Hanifa Official
The black-owned brand specializes in comfortable and stylish garments for women of all shapes, colors, and sizes! They specialize in knitted dresses and outfits that come in vibrant colors. Designer Anifa M. has been honored for her work in the fashion realm and continues to create clothing that empowers women to feel their best while looking like it!
Instagram: @hanifaofficial


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