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Why You Should Consider Writing

Bryan Smilek
Opinion Editor

As a first-year, undecided business major, I was unsure what my future would hold. However, I always knew that I had a passion for writing. Thus, I decided to take a gamble and join The Stillman Exchange (TSX). Unbeknownst to me, I would become an assistant editor my first semester and the Opinion section’s main editor for my remaining time at Seton Hall University. Within this role, I have realized the power writing can have, and I believe every business major should consider becoming a writer, regardless of the section.

Writing can really help you improve your knowledge base and differentiate yourself from the applicant pool (Photo Courtesy of Seton Hall University)

Through writing for The Stillman Exchange, you will encounter various writing styles. This means that each article will have a unique foundation given a different person writes each piece. As the editor, editing various writing techniques really helps you stay mentally sharp and improve your own writing tactics. Personally, I feel these experiences have helped me add multiple techniques to my arsenal, which has helped me in class and in my work experiences. Thus, writing for The Stillman Exchange will help you stay sharp and improve yourself-for free!

Another perk of writing for The Stillman Exchange is it helps you become accustomed to the workforce. Through my job in the financial services industry, I am constantly writing notes and generating new ideas. Similarly, The Stillman Exchange will help a writer improve their idea generation, as you are required to either see help or generate your own topic. Likewise, TSX is a very individualistic approach, meaning you set your own pace and establish deadlines for yourself. As a result, your time management improves vastly. However, you always have other editors and writers to seek assistance from, much like in the workforce.

Finally, writing has helped open my eyes to different viewpoints. Working on the Opinion section, I have encountered many different perspectives-some of which I also held and some that were new to me. As such, I was able to constantly learn what another stance on a common, or even a unique, topic theorized and how it added value to society. Therefore, I feel I have constantly acquired new knowledge outside of the classroom from writing and editing for The Stillman Exchange.

Overall, I would highly recommend writing for The Stillman Exchange, or even another newspaper whatever works best for you. Writing is a paramount skill in modern society that not many people have honed. As such, you can really differentiate yourself from another applicant for the same position. Likewise, writing expands your knowledge base and helps you add new techniques to your canvas. I hope that all of you have enjoyed reading my articles throughout the past 4 years, and thanks for always adding new insight into my daily routine as well! As I graduate in the upcoming weeks, my successor, Trina Stroedecke, will assume the role and add a new perspective into the Opinion section!

Thanks again and be well! – Bryan


Contact Bryan at smilekbr@shu.edu

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