NCAA Tournament: Scenes from Jacksonville

The opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament can produce some unforgettable moments, devastating heartbreak, and lifelong memories. Check out some of the scenes from Jacksonville, one of the regional sites, over the past weekend as 68 teams battle for the national championship.


Before the players could hit the floor running, the teams departed for sunny Florida and a chance at a title.


On Wednesday, one day before basketball was played, the players and coaches of the teams met with the media to provide some light on the experience of playing in March Madness, the matchups with their opponents, and describing the challenges of winning a national title.

Yale coach, James Jones, meets with the media before the opening round of the NCAA Tournament. Courtesy of @Yale_Basketball on Twitter.


Wofford players, from left to right, Fletcher Magee, Cameron Jackson, and Matt Pegram take questions from the media. Courtesy of @WoffordMBB on Twitter.


After meeting with media, the teams hit the floor for an open practice in front of the faithful fans that made the trip down to the “904”. Let’s just say that they made sure to put on a show for those in attendance.


It’s finally time to lace ’em up and play some basketball. 8 teams took the court on Thursday, but by the end of the night only four would have their seasons continue.

Kentucky and Abilene Christian play in front of a packed arena in Jacksonville. Courtesy of Dagen Hughes.

One of those teams would be the Wofford Terriers, the winners of the Southern Conference making their fifth NCAA Tournament appearance. Strong three-point shooting led Wofford to their first NCAA Tournament victory in program history, beating Seton Hall 84-68.


The teams hit the floor once again in Jacksonville, with Maryland-LSU and Wofford-Kentucky producing some classic games that went down to the wire.

LSU and Kentucky are the teams that make it out of Jacksonville with the hopes of a national championship still alive.

Memories are made for all involved, including the players, coaches, fans, and even those covering the tournament themselves.

Matt Ambrose, left, and Dagen Hughes covering the NCAA Tournament in Jacksonville.