Best and Worst Dressed of NBA All-Star Weekend

In 2005, players’ fashion choices began to turn heads, after the NBA enacted a league wide dress code. Players went from wearing baggy sweatpants, retro jerseys, and typical early 2000’s fashion to designer suits. As years went on, fashion has become a bigger topic of conversation among athletes, especially NBA players. It is not uncommon to find NBA players in the front row of fashion shows around the world. During NBA All-Star Weekend it is not uncommon to find NBA players, celebrities and big name models pulling out the best and worst fashion of the season.

Best Dressed:

Ben Simmons

Not a lot of people can pull off looking like a yellow highlighter, but this look by Simmons is very cool. It is a look that can be achieved by everyday people and while they may not look as cool as Simmons, they can now have some inspiration to dress better and try some bold looks.






Russell Westbrook 

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Image from Yahoo

Westbrook makes the best dressed list for me twice. First for the outfit he wore while escorting his son, Noah, at the children’s fashion show — showed off new styles for brands like Nike, Levi’s and Converse. The jumpsuit is really cool without being tacky, which is usually hard for a jumpsuit to pull off. Noah’s outfit is adorable as well.

The second look that makes the list is Westbrook’s outfit for NBA All-Star media day. Westbrook’s style is effortlessly cool and always puts him on the map. I love how this look is very simple but at the same time makes him look like the all-star he is.

J. Cole 

Image from Yahoo

Not only did J. Cole perform in his home state of North Carolina for the NBA All-Star game, he did it while showing off an incredible Charlotte Hornets throwback jacket. The jacket is so cool that we can forgive him for wearing sweatpants with the look.

Lauri Markkanen

Markkanen went with a very classic style for day one of NBA All-Star Weekend. The plaid button-down and black jeans are a simple look but it works well for him as he does not typically have a flashy style so anything else probably would have looked bad.






Worst Dressed:

Steph Curry 

I get that a lot of people loved this look for its sentimental value, but if we are being honest, Steph should have left that jacket in 1992.

Gabrielle Union 

from daily mail

This might be one of the worst outfits I have seen from the whole weekend. First of all, is it a dress or is it a romper? Whatever it is, it is confusing and does not fit Union, as she usually is dressed beautifully. Second of all, even if this dress was fashionable, it seems like all-star weekend is not the appropriate occasion to wear it, as most celebrities wore more casual outfits throughout the weekend.



Quavo and 2 Chainz 

Quavo’s pants are horrible while 2 Chainz’s jacket is an eye sore. Seeing their outfits next to each other is a giant case for the fashion police.

Kendall Jenner

Whoever snapped this picture of Kendall Jenner was probably out to get her, but that does not excuse her unbrushed hair and ugly over sized sweatshirt. When you are of Kardashian fame, it is hard to hide from people taking pictures of you. But when you are at NBA All-Star Weekend with an NBA all-star, you should really know what you are getting yourself into. This is a very disappointing look.


Overall, I was disappointed with the fashion coming out of the all-star weekend. I thought the players and celebrities would be showing off some of their best looks as the players showcased their best skills but instead, most players dressed as they normally would and celebrities decided to pull out their worst looks.