Top 5 NBA Dunk Contests Moments of All-Time

The 2019 NBA Dunk Contest may be one of the most underrated ever, with Miles Bridges, John Collins, Hamidou Diallo, and Dennis Smith Jr all ready to jump through the roof at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte. The four future NBA stars will look to cement themselves in the illustrious history of the Dunk Contest on Saturday night, and create moments similar to the Top 5 Moments in Dunk Contest history.


#5 Jason Richardson wins back-to-back in 2002-2003

The first back-to-back winner of the Dunk Contest since Michael Jordan, Jason Richardson etched himself in history as one of the best dunkers of all time with his amazing showing in 2002 and 2003.


#4 Nate Robinson leaps Spud Webb in 2006

All-Star Weekend in 2006 flipped the NBA onto its head, with 7-footer Dirk Nowitzki winning the Three-Point Shootout, and barely 5-foot-9 Nate Robinson winning the Dunk Contest. Robinson’s best moment was when he cleanly jumped over the only other player under 6-foot (5-foot-7 to be exact) to win the Dunk Contest, the legendary Spud Webb.


#3 LaVine and Gordon Battle in 2016

In one of the most controversial and back-and-forth Dunk Contests of all-time, Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon mesmerized the crowd from their first dunks to their last. Everyone had their own opinion of who should have walked away champion, but regardless, it was one of the best Dunk Contest duels NBA fans had ever seen.


#2 MJ Free-Throw Line Dunk in 1988

Definitely the most iconic moment in Dunk Contest history, Michael Jordan’s dunk from the free-throw line transcends the sporting world.


#1 Vince Carter in 2000

In the most complete Dunk Contest showing of all time, Vince Carter stunned not only the fans, but his fellow players as well. The shocked faces of Shaquille O’Neal and Kevin Garnett tell the whole story.