Hall Pass brings all-access coverage to Seton Hall baseball

Seton Hall’s Sports Reporting class will have all hands on deck on April 18 as Monmouth comes to South Orange to take on the Pirates baseball.

Our class is using this game to show how we can tackle all angles of a single event. There are many stories that can come out of one three-hour ball game, and we want to bring that to our readers.

Before the first pitch at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, be sure to check our website for preview content to prep our readers for the matchup. We will be looking at the hot bat of  Seton Hall’s Mike Alescio, key matchups as well as profiling Monmouth’s spring season.

Our coverage continues as the first pitch is thrown. You can find live updates and highlights on our Twitter page (follow us here!), and we will be taking followers into the dugout to get thoughts from some of the Pirates during the action. On the website, we will be constantly updating a live blog with happenings of the ball game.

If you will be listening to WSOU’s stream of the game, you will catch one of our staff members hop on the air and answer questions about the action.

Our staff members will be heading into the bleachers throughout the game to talk to fans and families of players. We will find out how everyone is enjoying the game and what they think about the Pirates. We will use these interviews to set the scene for articles to be posted following the game.

Once a victor is decided, a rapid reaction piece will be posted quickly to the site. Later, an extended game story will be posted with thoughts from players and coach Rob Sheppard.

For Monmouth fans, we will have a takeaway piece dedicated to the visiting team. We will also have a column that focuses on key turning points or a star player.

Finally, we will be analyzing the game performances with a superlatives piece. Best at-bat? Best play? We will be breaking it all down on our site.

With the range of coverage before, during and after the ball game, we hope to give readers an all-access look of Seton Hall baseball. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @SHU_HallPass and check out our website for all updates!

Elizabeth Swinton can be reached at elizabeth.swinton@student.shu.edu or on Twitter @eswint22.