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Category: 2000-2004

2004 Fall Issue

MVP in the Classroom SHU Alum Rich Bello. Ever Forward The campaign’s priorities and projects. Science Center And its State-of-the-Future design. Download the complete Fall 2004 Issue.

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2004 Summer Issue

In this issue, perspectives on the 50th anniversary of the Law School. Also, coverage of Commencement 2004, alumni journalists and war reporting, and new members of the Board of Regents. Download the complete Winter 2004 issue

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2004 Winter Issue

In This Issue: A Gifted Freshman Class Major Renovations to Boland Hall Business Week cites the Stillman School and much more… Download the complete Winter 2004 issue here.

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2003 Summer Issue

This issue highlights the career and legacy of Richie Regan. Also, the Stillman School’s strategy for the future, indictments brought up in the Boland Hall fire case, and the School of Diplomacy is named for former ambassador John C. Whitehead. Download the complete issue.

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2003 Winter Issue

In this issue: The future of nursing Remembering 9/11 Basketball roundup and lots more… Download the full issue.

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2002 Summer/Fall Issue

In the Summer/Fall 2002 issue, alumni fondly recall some of the faculty members who have guided their lives. Also highlights from Commencement 2002, and a focus on mentoring. Read the full issue here.

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2002 Winter/Spring Issue

This issue, the first published after 9/11, speaks of the many ways the events of that day affected the community. Other articles cover the visit of the President of Iran to campus, the G.K. Chesterton Institute, and WSOU. Download the full issue here.

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2001 Fall Issue

Will the Web Stop the Presses? As the Internet transforms the newspaper business, Robert Dubill, J.D. ’74, executive editor of USA Today, offers sage advice for budding journalists and their readers. Inspired by Faith A half-century ago, Seton Hall launched a pioneering program in ecumenical education, and a quarter century ago began the nation’s first…

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2001 Summer Issue

The Summer 2001 issue highlights UN General Secretary Kofi Annan’s visit to SHU, the “wireless” campus, highlights of Commencement 2001 and more. Read the full issue.

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