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Latin American Resource Populism in the Early 21st Century

by Marten Brienen

In recent years, a wave of populism has come over much of the world. In the United States, Donald J. Trump’s populist message reverberated among voters sufficiently to see him ascend to the presidency. In Europe, a clearly populist campaign led by Nigel Farage resulted in the looming exit of Great Britain from the European Union. Elsewhere on the continent, Marine Le Pen may not have won the presidential election, but her participation in the runoff was a clear victory for her anti-European and anti-immigrant nationalist platform. Likewise, while many observers were positively gleeful to note that Geert Wilders had not won the Dutch parliamentary elections, as many had feared he might do, but those observers failed to note that his party grew into the second largest in the country, while the traditionally powerful socialists were utterly destroyed…

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