Shake-Up in U.S. Policy with China

ObamaoThe Obama administration recently announced that it would be losing three of its key advisers for Chinese foreign policy. According to a recent article, Jeffrey A. Bader, the top China Adviser for President Obama, James B. Steinber, a deputy secretary of state with heavy focus on China, and Jon M. Huntsman Jr. American ambassador to China all plan to leave their respective posts in the coming weeks. One now wonders what the effect of losing these crucial figures may play on US-Chinese relations. Both superpowers have clashed in regards to climate and economic policy, but tensions seem to be easing as of late. China has not vetoed UN resolutions authorizing military action in Libya, and has also downplayed claims in South China Sea as of late. However, the US has criticized China for what they call “unlawful” arrests and clear human rights abuses against lawyers, reporters, artists, and others. It will be interesting to see if the US will reorganize priorities in Chinese policy and strenghten ties with Asian neighbors. Two successors to the China adviser posts, Daneil R. Russel and Kurt M. Campbell have extensive knowledge and experience with Japan, which serves as a reminder to China that the US has key partnerships and interests in the area. How will the absence of proven China advisers affect the policy and relationship of the US with China? Only time will tell what affect this may have.

Photo Credit:marcomassarotto