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China and EU Working Together for Climate and Energy Policy

Energy Factory II

China and the European Union (viewed as a single entity) are two of the largest emitters of global greenhouse gases. Taking this knowledge to heart, representatives from China and the EU are now meeting to create plans that will reduce the number of greenhouse gases and formulate renewable energy sources. A recent article reveals the uniqueness and possible complexities of the proposed partnership of climate and energy policy. Prime Minister Wen Jiabao recently released his report on the status of energy and climate policy within China with interesting results. The report indicates that China will work to generate 11.4% more renewable energy sources and be 16% more energy efficient by 2015. In the European Union, member states have created a road map for energy and climate to 2050 with the intent to reduce emissions by 20% by 2020. Although culturally China and the EU are distant, both superpowers recognize the need to create effective change in energy and climate policy as well as being a model for both developed and developing nations. It is interesting to note what role the United States (if any) will play in this potential partnership and by what effect these proposed measures will have on global greenhouse gas emissions.

Photo Credit: Marcel Oosterwijk