Natural Resources

Journal Staff in the News

Congratulations to Deputy Editor-in-Chief Natalie Trisilla for her contributions to the UN-EU Partnership on Natural Resources, Conflict and Peacebuilding program.  This program and publication is a joint effort from the UN and the European Union (EU) which aims  to  support  war-torn and vulnerable countries in preventing conflict and building  peace  through improved management of natural resources like timber, minerals, fertile land and water. The  programme is geared towards national and local governments, as well as UN and EC field staff. The training publication include a series of guidance  notes,  manuals and an online learning tool covering four themes:

  • land
  • extractive industries
  • environmental scarcity
  • capacity development for managing land and natural resources

According to Natalie, the experience was a great success, 

“Working on the capacity development guidance note was a great experience and I gained specialized knowledge in the policies and practices of land and natural resource management in post-conflict and fragile situations. It was a distinct privilege to contribute to this joint program which has the potential to significantly improve governance practices in places where they are needed the most.”