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Honors and Your Core: College of Communication and The Arts

NOTE: The equivalencies below are effective as of Fall 2015.

Honors Course Counts for
Fall (first year) HONS 1101 Colloquium on the
Ancient World (6 credits)
ETHICS (3 credits)
ENGL 1201 – Core English I (3 credits)
Spring (first year) HONS 1102 Colloquium on the
Medieval World (6 credits)
Arts & Sciences course from Historical Contexts (3 credits)
CORE 1101 – Journey of Transformation (3 credits)Note: Credit for CORE 1101 will not be given until completion of both HONS 1101 and HONS1102
Fall (second year) HONS 2103 Colloquium on the
Early Modern World (6 credits)
Arts & Sciences course from Social and Political Engagement (3 credits)
ENGL 1202 – Core English II (3 credits)
Spring (second year) HONS 2105 Colloquium on the
Contemporary World (6 credits)
Arts & Sciences course from Identity and Difference (3 credits)
CORE 2101 – Christianity & Culture in Dialogue (3 credits)Note: Credit for CORE 2101 will not be given until completion of both HONS 2103 and HONS2105
Third or Fourth Year HONS 5101 Honors Thesis/Project (3 credits) Senior Research Project or Thesis
NOTE: This arrangement can go the other way, with the senior project or thesis in the student’s major replacing HONS 5101. This is determined based on the student’s area of interest and which course would provide the more complete opportunity for advisement in that area.



PRIMARY MAJOR IN ENGLISH FOR STUDENTS IN THE HONORS PROGRAM (33 credits) All students who pass HONS 1101 and HONS1102 receive credit for ENGL 1201 and ENGL 1202 English majors who pass HONS 2105 receive credit for ENGL 2205 Literary Genres and Precedents, which counts for a Thematic/Comparative category Advanced Elective in English Otherwise, they… Continue Reading »

Catholic Studies

In most cases, students who have completed the 4 Honors Colloquia may obtain a secondary major in Catholic Studies (CAST) as follows: complete five (3 credit) upper level CAST courses complete the Integrating/Capstone Seminar in CAST. Students wishing to pursue this option must contact the Dept. of Catholic Studies to discuss particulars. Typically, this should… Continue Reading »


Honors Program students wishing to pursue a major in Religion should call the Dept. of Religion (973-761-9480) to seek an appointment with the Department Chair to work out a program of study in accordance with their particular interests.  The department usually requires 12 credits in Religion for students who have completed the four Honors Colloquia.