History Major Via Honors (prior to Fall 2019)

Students who began undergraduate studies prior to Fall 2019 and who complete the four Honors Colloquia may pursue a primary or secondary major in History by following the arrangement instituted in Fall 2019 OR (if they prefer) by the arrangement that existed when they began undergraduate studies. That arrangement was as follows:

Complete the 4 Honors Colloquia (HONS1101, HONS1102, HONS2103 and HONS2105) PLUS

Complete 9 credits of required research methods courses

  • HIST 2180: Introduction to Historical Research
  • A History Colloquium (course numbers vary)
  • HIST 5199: Senior Seminar

Complete 15 credits of history electives taken according the following distribution

  • 1 advanced U.S. History course (2000+ level)
  • 1 advanced European or 1 advanced pre-1750 course (2000+ level)
  • 1 course in Asian, African, Latin American, or Middle East History
  • 2 additional courses at the 2000+ level

The Honors senior project/thesis can be completed via the History Department’s year-long Honors Research in History Program. Honors Program students are enrolled in a dedicated honors research section of HIST 5199 in the Fall semester of their senior year and continue their thesis research in the spring semester with an independent study, HIST 5711. The independent study is taken in addition to the 24-credit major outlined above.