Secondary Major in Philosophy

NOTE:  This is intended for students who wish to pursue Philosophy as a secondary major (students choosing Philosophy as their primary major should consult with the Chairperson of Philosophy to work out a specific program).

Students who complete the four Honors Colloquia  may obtain a secondary major in Philosophy by completing additional philosophy coursework as follows:

  • Three 2000 level courses in Philosophy (9 credits)
  • One  3000 level course in Philosophy (3 credits)

Although the preference of the Philosophy Dept. is that students take three 2000 level courses, the department will usually allow a student to substitute a 1000 level philosophy course in the area of ethics for one of the 2000 level courses.

A Philosophy Department Core III course (Engaging the World) would count as a 3000 level Philosophy course, as a Core III (ETW) course and as an Honors Seminar.

Honors Program students who wish to obtain a secondary major in Philosophy should meet with the Chairperson of Philosophy to declare the secondary major.  This is typically done prior to the second semester of junior year.