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Jesus Is All We Need By James Unciano

Jesus Is All We Need

We always seek for fame,
But we never seek His Name.
We always seek for money and power,
But we never appreciate the blessings He showers.

Worldly things we say loud and proud,
But in Jesus we are silent and quiet.

This is what society is.
It takes away our heart’s true bliss
Which is Jesus Himself
And not our very own prideful selves.

Jesus is all we need.
For in life, in Him we will succeed.
No material things will ever match His love,
Nor even people will be greater than Him above.

Realizing we need nothing in life
Will make us satisfied with His loving guide,
Because all those worries and fears that we hold deep inside
It is Jesus who will set it aside.

Even those material attachments
Is against His commandments.
Erasing all those things is an advancement;
In our gifted life, that’ll have an enlightening enhancement.

Let’s pray and hope that we all proceed
In this satisfying message of God we all can read.
Because throwing away all the greed
Will result in our lives that God will lead,
And we will shout, “Jesus is all we need!”

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