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“True Love” By James Unciano

I was so down
‘Twas like a deep drown
Down than I can ever imagine
In this world I never fit in
But soon there was one
Magically someone
Who came out of nowhere
When I thought no one was there
He placed all my problems
All my struggles
In one huge bubble
Where I could no more trouble
I found peace and joy
More than a carefree kid with his favorite toy
He was beside
In all of my rides
He was always,
I was sure, so sure
He was in all of my
Mondays til Sundays

I’ve always knelt
When happiness or sadness was what I felt
This is what I’ve done
In the short run and the long run
Of my whole life

Until in the Sky I arrived 
When it was finally my time
It was the moment I felt so fine
I saw He was
His name was Jesus

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