Building Communities and Homes Abroad


  • The student will be able to define and explain the term nongovernmental organization
  • The student will be able to define and explain the concept of human rights, citing at least two different perspectives
  • The student will be able to describe what is meant by the term civil society The student will be able to identify 5 or more NGO’s, explaining their focus and interest
  • The student will be able to cite at least two examples for 5 NGO’s demonstrating the role of that group in promoting human rights
  • The student will be able to list at least three examples of the influence of an NGO in changing the status of human rights in a society.
  • The student will be able to describe how the NGO’s use media /political action to promote their causes

These could all be used in pre/post assessment instruments.

Lessons (several class periods):

Researching NGOs:

  • Several NGOs are internationally known. Ask students to research larger NGOs If you have access to computers you can have websites ready for the students to examine. Give them a task – something to look for and record as they go through the website. It could be a paired/group assignment.
  • After learning about the NGOs, ask students choose one problem that the NGO is advocating for. Then ask the students to role-play as an advocate for that NGO and how this problem is being addressed and resolved.
  • What are the issues that the NGO is most concerned with?
  • What has it done to build awareness about these issues?
  • What NGOs can students get involved with and how?
  • How can civil society and governments work together to address issue of human rights? (Teachers can provide examples or have the students research this topic)

Group Project:

  • After the students research the NGOs, break the class in small groups of 4 to 6 and assign an NGO to each group.
  • Describe role of NGO?
  • Who are the people associated with the NGO?
  • What is the affiliation, region and country associate with the NGO?
  • What is the mission statement of the NGO?
  • What type of activities is the NGO involved with (fresh water; building homes, etc)?
  • Design and present to class

Additional Assignment:

Research local NGOs and how students can get involved.

Web Resources:

World Wide NGO Directory


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October 13, 2015

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