Volume XII, No. 1

Spring 2018: Special Issue

Human Rights in Global Health Governance



Human Rights in Global Health Governance
Benjamin Mason Meier, Hanna Huffstetler and Lawrence O. Gostin

Transforming the WHO’s Role in Advancing the Right to Health in Conflict
Leonard S. Rubenstein

The Demagogies of ‘Lack’: The WHO’s Ambivalence to the Right to Health of LGBT People
Po-Han Lee

Operationalizing the Right to Health through the Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework
Mark Eccleston-Turner

Monitoring Interventions to Respond to Sexual Violence in Humanitarian Contexts
Sara Davis, Doris Schopper and Julia Epps

Promotion and Protection of the Right to Health by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Gillian MacNaughton

Transnational Human Rights Organizing and Global Health Governance, 1963-2013
Samantha Plummer, Jackie Smith and Melanie Hughes

What Have Rights Got To Do With It? Evaluating ‘Human Rights’ As A Practice Within the Global Fund
Sharifah Sekalala and Toni Haastrup

The World Bank and The Right to Health: A Study of the Institution’s Rights-Based Discourse
Yusra Ribhi Shawar and Jennifer Prah Ruger

International Health Assistance and Human Rights in Ethiopia
Hiwote Fantahun

World Bank, Human Rights and Health: A Commentary
Desmond McNeill

What Future for Global Health Governance and the Right to Health in the Era of New Generation Trade and Investment Agreements?
Meri Koivusalo and Katrina Perehudoff