Special Issue: The Intersection of Health and Security
Guest Editors: Gigi Kwik Gronvall and Jean-Paul Chretien

Global Health Security: Closing the Gaps in Responding to Infectious Disease Emergencies
Jennifer B. Nuzzo and Gigi Kwik Gronvall

US Military Global Health Engagement since 9/11: Seeking Stability through Health
Jean-Paul Chretien

Securitizing Global Health: A View from Maternal Health
Laura Baringer and Steve Heitkamp

The International Flow of Risk: The Governance of Health in an Urbanizing World
Julie E. Fischer and Rebecca Katz

The Security Dividend: What the United States Can Obtain from Investing More in International Health Care Capacity
Kermit Jones

Why African Countries Need to Participate in Global Health Security Discourse
Lenias Hwenda, Percy Mahlathi, and Treasure Maphanga

H1N1 – The Social Costs of Cultural Confusion
Bill Durodié

Other Research Papers
Rise and Fall of Global Health as a Foreign Policy Issue
David P. Fidler

Global Health Governance at a Crossroads
Nora Y. Ng and Jennifer Prah Ruger

Epidemics as Politics with Case Studies from Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam
Tuong Vu

Stop Making Excuses: Understanding Hepatitis B and the Global Failure to Act
Laura L. Janik-Marusov

Regional HIV-Related Policy Processes in Peru in the Context of the Peruvian National Decentralization Plan and Global Fund Support: Peru GHIN Study
Ruth Iguiñiz-Romero, Roberto López Chirinos, José Pajuelo and Carlos Cáceres, Clara Sandoval, Alejandro

Health Diplomacy in China
Xu Jing, Liu Peilong, and Guo Yan