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C.A.E.P. Mid-Program Assessment Center for M.A. & Ed.S. ELMP Graduate Students


Indiana University Plagiarism
Effective summer 2020, ELMP requires all new students to pass the Indiana University plagiarism tutorial and provide evidence of completion within the first semester.  Please email a copy of the completed certificate to the Department Secretary, Ann Rodrigues (

The name Stata stands for a syllabic abbreviation of Statistics and Data.  Stata is a statistical software package that provides tools for data management, statistical methods and data visualization, much like SPSS. It is a powerful tool to create publication-quality graphs and tables.

Survey of Earned Doctorates
This link is for students who have defended their dissertation and submitted it to the library.

Submitting Thesis to Library
The University Libraries have put in place a process with the Registrar to insure that Dissertations and Thesis are deposited in acceptable, final form in both the Electronic Thesis and Dissertations (ETD) Repository, and with ProQuest Dissertations & Thesis Global (the international Dissertation registry) before the degree goes on the transcript or the diploma is released.

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* Starting August 31, 2021, students can access the After Hour Studying Space (AHSS) located near Dunkin using the outside door.  Students must swipe their SHU card to access the space after working hours. *