Until last week, the Sidebar Login feature was unreliable, but the latest update seems to have fixed the problems, and made it even easier to work with.

To use it, activate the plugin from the Plugins page:


Just click on “Activate.” It’s possible you may not have the right permissions to do this; if you don’t just let us know by clicking the “Feedback” button on the edge of the screen.

Then, go to the Appearance::Widgets screen, and drag-and-drop the “Sidebar Login” box into one of the widget areas in the right-hand column.


sidebar_widget_settingsOnce you do that, the widget will pop open to show your options. It will work right out of the box, but we suggest a couple of settings. One, uncheck “Show lost password link” and “Show register link.” Since the system uses our Active Directory system for authentication for all the SHU community, your password is your PirateNet password and WordPress can’t help you with that! And, registration is turned off site wide to keep out spammers.

Happy blogging!