ANTH Major and Minor

The Anthropology Major at Seton Hall University brings a broad and robust knowledge base that encompasses the sciences, the social sciences and the humanities. Below are the current requirements for the major. You can also click on this link to download the Anthropology major course checklist or grid.

Anthopology Major (36 credits). In addition to the College of Arts & Sciences Core requirements, students majoring in Anthropology will

Take any three (3) of the following introductory courses: ANTH 1201 Introduction to Physical Anthropology | ANTH 1202 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology | ANTH 1210 Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (offered each Fall) | ANTH 1211 Introduction to Archaeology (offered every 2 years).

Take either one of two research methods courses: ANTH 2912 Qualitative Research Methods (offered each Spring) or ANTH 2910 Quantitative Research Methods.

Take a theory course: ANTH 3212 History of Anthropological Thought (offered every three years in the Spring).

Write a research paper:  through an Independent Study course ANTH 3296/5999 (offered upon student request to work one-on-one with faculty) or by taking ANTH 5988 Senior Seminar.

Take six elective courses: at least three from any Anthropology course 2000 and up (consult the University’s current course exams/schedules and use “ANTH” for your Subject search) and the other three from a list of non-ANTH elective courses below.

Recent Anthropology electives offered: *ANTH 2224 Health and Medicine: An Anthropological Approach |ANTH 2230 Folklore and Mythology | *ANTH 2232 Kinship and Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective | *ANTH 2223 Understanding Human Sexuality | *ANTH 2242 Peoples and Cultures of SE Asia | ANTH 2244 Peoples and Cultures of Eurasia | *ANTH 2311 Population, Ecology and the Environment | ANTH 2412 Anthropology of Religion | *ANTH 3308 Thomas Merton: Religion and Culture | ANTH 3220 Anthropology of Consciousness | ANTH 3250 Human Osteology | ANTH 3330 Visual Anthropology | *ANTH 3514 Anthropology of Gender | *ANTH 3794 Indigenous Peoples Responses to Conversion, Nation and Empire | *ANTH 3896 West African Derived Religions in the Americas in Dialogue with Catholicism

*crosslisted with Sociology, University Core, Women and Gender Studies, Environmental Studies and/or Asian Studies (consult University Undergraduate Catalogue for details)

Non-Anthropology electives currently counted towards the major: AFAM 2331/ANTH 2331 People and Cultures of Africa | ASIA 3115 Asian Social Life | ASIA 3132 Contemporary Japan | BIOL 1102/1103 Anatomy and Physiology I-II | CRIM 2616 Criminology COBF 2213 Documentary Film | COGR 3320 Advanced Photography | HIST 3354 The American Frontier | RELS 1402/ASIA 1101 Religions of the World | SOCI 1101 Introduction to Sociology | SOCI 2416 Religion and American Society

Anthropology Minor (18 credits). In addition to any college and major requirements, students who pursue a minor in Anthropology will

Take three (3) required courses: ANTH 1202 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology | choice of ANTH 1201 Introduction to Physical Anthropology OR ANTH 1211 Introduction to Archaeology (offered every 2 years) |and choice of ANTH 1210 Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (offered each Fall)  OR ANTH 2912 Qualitative Research Methods (offered each Spring).

Take three (3) Anthropology electives. (see list of recent Anthropology electives above)

Students who pursued other majors along with Anthropology, or with an Anthropology minor did so in: Art History, Asian Studies, Biology, Classics, Criminology, Diplomacy and International Relations, Education, Environmental Studies, History, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Psychology, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Sociology.

Anthropology Honor Society (Lambda Alpha).

Students who have completed at least 12 credits in anthropology with an average of 3.0 are encouraged to apply for membership in Lambda Alpha (LA), the National Collegiate Honors Society for Anthropology. The Delta chapter of New Jersey in housed in Seton Hall and seeks to promote excellence and increased awareness of anthropology as a humanistic social science. Lambda Alpha holds joint biannual induction ceremonies in Spring with the Sociology Honor Society, Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD). For inquiries, contact chapter sponsor Prof. Cherubim Quizon