The College of Arts and Sciences of Seton Hall University supports undergraduate research in all disciplines and continues it’s initiative with Locus, an online journal to disseminate students’ scholarly work. Student editors and contributors, with start-up support from faculty advisors from three principal academic areas, collaborate towards producing an annual publication that presents rigorous undergraduate research. The first issue was published in Fall 2018 followed by the second issue in Fall 2019.

We are now reading papers for Volume 5 (2022) written by undergraduate students of Seton Hall University and completed within the period of Spring 2020 to Spring 2022. We encourage a writing style that, while erudite and conversant with the author’s specific area of research, is also accessible to non-specialists. Works that draw from theories, methods, practices and perspectives of two or more disciplines written in an accessible manner are encouraged. Manuscripts will be peer reviewed by undergraduate student editors of the College of Arts and Sciences who represent the Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences. However, contributions from student authors from all Seton Hall colleges and academic units will be welcomed. 

Fast Facts

Contributors:  Undergraduate students | Content: Interdisciplinary journal-length articles, approximately 5 to 10 thousand words | Selection: Student peer review | Deadline: May 31, 2022 | Submission: e-mail | Acceptances: May 2022| Revisions: July 2022 | Frequency: Annual | Format: Digital, online, open access | Platform: Bepress.com (via University Library) | ISSN: 2573-2749 (online) | Copyright:  Fair use, Creative Commons online

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Volume 1 (published 19 October 2018)

Volume 2 (published 1 October 2019)

Volume 3 (published October 2020)

Volume 4 (published October 2021)