The United States army has won many recent battles in Tunisia, recapturing land that was lost earlier this the year. The American forces, with help from the British, have pushed the German army out of the Mareth Line, in Northeast Tunisia.

This marks the biggest victory for the Allied military in Tunisia since the defeat at Kasserine Pass  in January, when the American and British troops were forced back to the Mareth Line and suffered heavy casualties.

Since then, the Allies have continued to stack up victories, including retaking Kasserine Pass, a major point of access to the capital of Tunis. Retaking this pass allows for an effective attack plan to force out the Germans in North Africa.

“Kasserine pass is now in our hands,” a communique from Allied headquarters said. “British and American troops supported by tanks successfully attacked the enemies’ rearguards, and forced the withdrawal of all enemy forces remaining in the pass.”

The heavy artillery for the Allies has been bombarding German troops daily. Tanks and long-range cannons continue to wreak havoc on the German front. To go along with this American infantry has been inflicting heavy losses for the Germans.

American troops are beginning larger patrols both in the sky and on land. In the skies, aircraft are dropping bombs on the German stronghold.

American airmen in Tunisia receive citations while their bomber is refueled. From Library of Congress.

The gains in Tunisia will continue in the favor for the Allies, if the Allies maintain the heavy attacks on the Germans. Germany’s key to occupying the territory that they possess, was by overwhelming their enemy.

The war in North Africa has exceedingly gone in the favor for the Allies since the setback at the beginning of the year. These gains will only continue to grow with the momentum the allies have attained.