Author: Christina Murphy


AMC Launches Popcorn Plans for the Upcoming Year

AMC hopes to boost revenue in 2022 by selling its popcorn at kiosks, food stores, and convenience stores. The Today Show noted that AMC will also offer popcorn ordered from home or bought in “To Go” packages at theaters. The company plans to have fifteen locations by the end of 2022 and more by 2023, but the company has not yet disclosed the price for any of its popcorn products.

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Britain’s Digital Secretary Intervenes During Huge Arm-Nvidia Deal

California-based company Nvidia plans to acquire British semiconductor giant Arm Holdings for $40 billion dollars. Forbes reports, “Nvidia announced last September that it reached a deal with Softbank to acquire U.K. based semiconductor and software design company Arm Ltd. for $40 billion, making it one of the biggest acquisitions in tech.” Britain’s Digital Secretary, Oliver Dowden has published a Public Interest Intervention Notice (PIIN) due to his concerns about the transaction.

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J&J Asks Other Companies to Join Investigation of Blood Clotting After COVID-19 Vaccination

Recently, federal healthcare agencies have advised Johnson & Johnson to cease administering their COVID-19 vaccine temporarily. According to Reuters, this advice was given after six women under fifty developed blood clotting following the shot. Business Insider reports that the women were between the ages of eighteen and forty-eight and now suffer from a blood clot in the brain called central venous sinus thrombosis (CVST). Overall, 6.8 million Americans have had the J&J vaccine.

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