$20.20 Makeup Release During the 2020 Election by Biden Beauty

By Rua Dinm
Business Fashion Writer/Editor

Makeup and fashion trends come and go, but voting is forever. Or it is for at least the following four years, minus the local elections. This pandemic has restricted every aspect of our life, including the ability to participate in the democratic process— voting. Yet somehow, this has been one of the best voters turnouts America has seen, and perhaps Biden Beauty is a small contribution to this trend.

Biden Beauty is, or was, a brand that first started by selling the “Biden Beat Makeup Sponge” retailing for $20.20. In addition to these makeup blending sponges, they sold $46 hoodies, $16 totes, and a pack of stickers and buttons that sold for $8. This seemed like an interesting campaign strategy from the Biden-Harris campaign team, but as the trends suggest, the younger population’s interest and support for the democratic party’s nominees, it was not the worst idea. Expect, the brand had nothing to do with Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. Not to mention, the proceeds promised to donate to the Biden campaign. It was an anonymous, private company lobbying for Biden.

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The anonymous face behind Biden Beauty finally revealed themselves shortly after they sold out and shipped all their products on October 14. As it turns out, the actual company behind this brand was Very Good Left. The website domain for no longer exists. Instead, once you google the page, the 404 error directs you to, which reads: “And the secret is out. Very Good Light is Biden Beauty & Biden Beauty is Very Good Light. Or is it Very Good Left? We did this because America is and always has been beautiful, but for it to stay that way, we need YOU to vote, and to vote BLUE! Millions have heard our message. But it was never about a makeup sponge or merch. This is a MOVEMENT and it’s just getting started. Get. Out. The. Vote. In November. And stay tuned for more from us. We’re counting on you.” Right under this message, the website has an option to subscribe to their newsletter because they are not done.

The beauty and fashion industry once used a “one-size must fit all” type of marketing strategy. However, the pandemic disrupted these spaces. Companies have taken more interest in social issues, whether that be the election, sustainability, inclusivity, or activism. The brains behind the beauty industry are turning out to be the forces behind most of the marketing strategies in these companies. Though Biden Beauty shocked everyone, they were not the only brand to promote voter registration. Even Michelle Obama launched a lipstick with the Lip Bar to promote voter registration. And if we are giving credit where it is due, let us not forget the “F*ck Trump lipstick” that caused quite a controversy back in the day. Unlike Biden Beauty, this brand is still alive and well, occasionally collecting donations for causes such as the Charlottesville riot victims. As it seems, Biden Beauty did not end, it was just the beginning of a merge of politics and beauty. There will be more.


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