Bridal Fashion Week, but Make it a Month and In Your Living Room.

By Rua Dinm
Business Fashion Editor/Writer

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It is no doubt that the fashion industry has experienced one of the worst side effects of COVID-19. Within the fashion community, the bridal industry has taken one of the biggest hits during this pandemic. At the beginning of March, when COVID forced everyone to shut down everything, the bridal industry came to a terrifying realization. Most engaged couples started to move their weddings in the far future, while some decided to have a small micro-wedding. However, a lot of these alternatives took the bride’s dream wedding dress out of the equation. Even if companies wanted to deliver, many struggled to. Regardless of the supply chain halt, the next season’s collection was not pausing for anyone. As companies started to adapt and accommodate, Brides-to-Be was back to daydreaming about their perfect wedding gowns.

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“But what about fashion shows? And the Bridal Fashion Week?” Fortunately, Love Stories TV came to the rescue. Love Stories TV is a video platform for wedding planning and inspiration. The platform brings engaged couples and event professionals together in a uniquely visual community. Brides and grooms use Love Stories TV to find ideas, inspiration, products, and services for their wedding by watching real weddings tagged with the team who worked on the event. As the Coronavirus pandemic has created restrictions for gatherings, Love Stories Tv has provided a solution by hosting Bridal Fashion Month, sponsored by Platinum Guild International, with a calendar full of fashion fun. From runways, presentations, and giveaways, Love Stories TV is changing the concept of Bridal Fashion Month for the better.


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