Battle of the Platforms: Who Will Take Home the Title?

On June 12th, the Battle of the Platforms will be taking place in Miami, Florida at the Hard Rock Stadium, in addition, to pay per view presented by Social Gloves, which will be bringing in millions of dollars. The headliner of this fight will be Bryce Hall, one of the most followed male Tik Tok stars, versus Austin McBroom, a well-known YouTube star. The rest of the card will follow the same matchup style with a YouTube star versus a Tik Tok star to claim the title for the best platform. Tickets have become available as of May 7 and start at $49 for the general public. Fighter Fan Club and presale tickets go live on May 1.

Most of these fighters have little to no experience in the ring and have begun training solely for this event. The stars have been chosen for their aggressive tendencies or online controversies with one another. The headlining fight between Hall and McBroom comes from an eager McBroom who has been looking to join the boxing world while also being an internet personality through his family YouTube channel, “The ACE Family”. Hall initially turned down the fight but later chose to accept the fight even with his lack of experience in the ring simply because of the payout. He has been promised five million dollars for appearing in the fight and a million-dollar knockout bonus should he win. Hall has been very active on Twitter leading up to the fight with tweets similar to the one shown below. Known for his bad-boy image and reputation, it is no surprise that he is approaching the fight with this mentality. McBroom has been quieter on the app surrounding the matchup.

Although McBroom and Hall have never crossed paths before now, the reasoning for McBroom going after Hall: popularity. Hall is one of the highest followed male internet personalities currently, which will draw in viewership, making it easy to build the card for this fight. There are seven fights total for the night, including Hall’s fellow Sway Boy, Kio Cyr, and best friend, Taylor Holder. All three of these boys are a part of the huge content houses in Los Angeles making them extremely marketable, which is building the hype for this fight. Because social media is dominating this world, people will choose to watch the fight based on these boys that they see doing silly “Tik Tok trends” or making goofy YouTube videos.

It will be interesting to see the skills that these boys have been able to pick up after only a few months of training but this could be leading to a whole new world of fighting. Because of the popularity of social media and the loyal following that it brings, there may be a shift for more internet stars to dabble in this type of event because of the exposure and payout.