Desiree Elmore Reflects on 1,000 Points and Her Career at Seton Hall

Senior Desiree Elmore is now a member of the 1,000 point club over her four-year career. Elmore was able to lock in her thousandth point during a home win over the Providence Friars. In that game, she recorded a double-double with game highs of 23 points and 12 rebounds.

The five-star recruit started off her collegiate career in Syracuse before transferring to Seton Hall. As a player who is used to setting records, is she thinking about what to achieve each season? Well, not particularly. Elmore prides herself on simply being her best, and getting on the floor whenever she gets the chance has assisted her in getting to where she is today.

“I do whatever I need to do for the team and Coach Bozzella. Obviously, it’s a second chance and you don’t want to mess it up,” Elmore said. “I just try to take full advantage of my opportunities.”

Elmore credits her hard work ever since she was a little girl to reach this milestone. She also notes that being able to score her thousandth point during a COVID season is also something to be proud of.

To score 1,000 points, you might think Elmore is a primarily offensive player. However, the senior is dominant in every aspect of the word as she is the only BIG EAST player to rank among the top-15 in all five major categories.


“Honestly, I’m just thankful. When I’m in season, I don’t really pay attention to stats and accolades like that,” Elmore said. “Obviously, the school will post them on the website, but I try to stay focused on helping my team win. The accolades are great and everything, but right now we’re in season and we have the conference tournament coming up, so my job is focused on making sure we’re able to compete at a high level and make it to the championship.”

It has been said that good coaches can change a game, but great coaches can change a life. Elmore has the utmost respect for Seton Hall head coach Anthony Bozzella, and credits him for being able to reach this landmark.

“Coach B has done a lot for me since I’ve been here,” Elmore said. “He’s willing to do anything and everything. He’s definitely a fighter and as animated as he is on the court, he’s really like that every day. I appreciate his consistency and I know I can go to him for anything. It’s a blessing having a coach that will do anything to make sure that you’re happy, so I know that I can always talk to him even after I graduate whether I’m playing professionally or working.”

There is also a chance this season will not be the last time we see Elmore in a Pirates’ uniform.

Even though Elmore will be graduating from Seton Hall in May, due to the blanket waiver this year, she will have another year of eligibility.

In the 2020-2021 season, the Pirates are (12-6) with three games that had to be postponed due to COVID protocols. They are finishing out the regular season with two games remaining: Villanova on February 27th and St. Johns March 1st with tournament play beginning March 5th.