Sports Media program provides opportunity for Seton Hall

A lot of people at Seton Hall come to the school for its excellent communications program, the excellent courses, and various organizations on campus. The courses you could take for journalism and broadcasting are great, as are organizations like the Setonian and Pirate TV. There are a lot of students that have a niche for these majors as in what specifically they want to be covering and one of the biggest ones is sports. A lot of people want to be sports journalists and broadcasters and already excel in taking the general courses on journalism and broadcasting. Now there is a sports media program, finally courses specifically for students who want to pursue a career in sports media.

Classes within the Sports Media program include Intro to Sports Media, Sports, Media and Culture, Sports Reporting, and Radio Sportscasting. Right now, it is only a minor but, in the future, it could one day be a full major. All of those classes are insightful ones that truly inform students what the world of sports media is about. In some of those classes, the professors have called upon established members in the industry to speak to the class and talk about their work and how they got started because this field is an extremely competitive one. With professionals in the industry telling people how they got their foot in the door and giving advice on the best ways to do that just goes to show how strong the program really is.

When it comes to talking about the impact of the program at Seton Hall, I just picture last week’s symposium. Just look at the names on that panel; Adam Silver, Stephen A Smith, Seton Hall’s own Bob Ley. An active football player in Russell Okung even came. Not only did we get every type of person in the industry (Journalist, player, league commissioner), but it was the best of the best. The commissioner of the NBA, two highly televised journalists, it is pretty hard to top the level of people the program can bring in.

What the sports media program at Seton Hall is finally give a direct opportunity for students to learn what it takes to be in the sports media world one day. It all just goes hand in hand with some of the elite organizations on campus. It gives students a head start that they probably would not be able to get at another school. That is what’s so great about the programs at Seton Hall, they are able to get more involved with the elite programs much earlier than they would at other schools. The sports media program will certainly grow and have an even bigger impact on Seton Hall students now and in the near future.