Scenes from the Seton Hall Sports Business and Media Ethics Symposium

On Tuesday, Seton Hall University hosted the second annual Sports Business and Media Ethics Symposium to address some of the hardest hitting issues in sports. The event included some of the most prolific and well-known panelists and speakers to express ideas on the ever-changing landscape of sports business and media. Check out some of the scenes and reactions from the informative and eventful day.

Students and faculty attending the 2nd annual Sports Business and Media Ethics symposium. Courtesy of @SetonHall on Twitter.


The first speaker of the day was Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, to talk about the current state of the NBA and some of the league’s biggest issues, sports gambling and amateurism.


After Silver was done addressing current issues in sports, panelists were brought up to talk about two of the most controversial and talked about topics in sports – gambling and amateurism.

Many prolific panelists were selected to talk about these issues. W. Charles Bennett, Armen Keteyian, Jeffrey Mishkin, Russell Okung, and Daniel Wallach talked to the attendees about the state of sports gambling. While, Ken Belson, Terri Jackson, Mishkin, and Okung talked about the state of amateurism in today’s college sports landscape.


Panelists, left to right, Jeffrey Mishkin, Daniel Wallach, Charles Bennett, Armen Keteyian, and Russell Okung speak about the current state of sports gambling. Courtesy of @BergenBrennan on Twitter.


Panelists, left to right, Mishkin, Terri Jackson, Ken Belson, and Okung talk about the NCAA and amateurism. Courtesy of Dagen Hughes.

The final speakers of the day were Bob Ley, a Seton Hall alumnus and current host of ESPN’s “Outside the Lines”, and Stephen A. Smith, commentator for “First Take” and other segments on ESPN. The two had a conversation about the state of media and ethics within media, as well as some of the broader issues in sports today.