Best moments in Seton Hall’s 10-3 loss to Monmouth

Monmouth dominated the ballgame, allowing only three runs and scoring 10. It was a good all-around game for Monmouth while Seton Hall struggled throughout, having to switch its bullpen five times in the first five innings.

Best Pitcher

Junior James Kelly did allow one run in the 1st inning but for the rest of the game, he only allowed three hits until the fourth where he was relieved. He was definitely one of the key reasons why Monmouth took an easy lead at the beginning of the game and never let the Seton Hall batters get any rhythm.

Best at Bat

Monmouth Sophomore RF JP Walsh and Senior 3B Shaine Hughes were big in helping Monmouth have control for an early five to one lead against Seton Hall. Both had three hits, one stolen base, and had two RBI’s.

Best Fielder

Monmouth Freshmen 1B Nick Campana recorded 11 putouts and caught a lot of nice throws and never allowed any Seton Hall hitters to get hits.

Best Throw

It was around the bottom of the 3rd and Seton Hall was getting some momentum with two outs. Monmouth Catcher Zach Schild threw a great throw to second base that closed out the inning. It was crucial and really stopped any momentum for Seton Hall to make a run.

Best Hit

Monmouth 1B Nick Campana hit a double to left center field in the 2nd inning with two outs. Put Monmouth up five to one and really blew momentum for Seton Hall.

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