Isasm Aburaya

Issam Aburaya, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

He researches secularism, religion, nationalism, colonialism and orientalism, focusing on Islam and Palestine/Israel.
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Peter G. Ahr, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Ahr is the Thomas and Ruth Sharkey Professor of Humanities and Director of the University Honors Program.
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David Bossman

David M. Bossman, Ph.D.

Professor of Jewish-Christian Studies

Formerly Dean of Graduate Studies at St. Bonaventure University, Provost at Seton Hall and currently Professor in JCST.
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JCST Alan Brill

Rabbi Alan Brill, Ph.D.

Cooperman/Ross Endowed Chair of Jewish-Christain Studies

Rabbi Brill specializes in Interfaith theology, Jewish mysticism, modern Jewish thought, and contemporary Orthodoxy.
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Rev Msgr James Cafone photo

Rev. Monsignor James M. Cafone, S.T.D.

Assistant Professor

Monsignor James Cafone is minister to the Priest Community and a member of the Department of Religion.


Charles Carter

Charles E. Carter, Ph.D.


Dr. Carter believes that scripture is more than an artifact of human history and culture. It is also relevant to today.


Ki Joo Choi

Ki Joo (KC) Choi, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

I specialize in the intersections between Catholic and Protestant ethics, moral philosophy, and political theory.
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Colleen Conway

Colleen M. Conway, Ph.D.


Dr. Conway’s research interests are focused on the construction of gender in New Testament texts.
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Father Frizzell

Fr. Lawrence E. Frizzell, S.T.L., S.S.L., D. Phil.

Associate Professor and Director of the Jewish-Christian Studies Graduate Program

Father Frizzell explores the impact of Biblical traditions on Catholic worship and ethics.
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Rev. Paul Holmes

Paul A. Holmes, STD

Distinguished University Professor of Servant Leadership

A member of the President’s Cabinet for the last 10 years, Father Holmes has returned to his “first love,” teaching.
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Richard Liddy

Richard M. Liddy, Ph.D.

University Professor of Catholic Thought and Culture

Msgr. Liddy is also the Director of the Center for Catholic Studies.
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Ines Murzaku

Ines A. Murzaku, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair of the Department of Catholic Studies

Dr. Murzaku specializes in Ecclesiastical History, especially Byzantine and Catholic Church History.  She is also the Chair of the Department of Catholic Studies in the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies.
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Anthony Sciglitano

Anthony C. Sciglitano, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Religion

Director of the University Core Curriculum

Dr. Sciglitano is also the Director of the University Core Curriculum.
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Dana I. Viezure

Assistant Professor

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Gisela Goodrich T. Webb, Ph.D.


Dr. Webb works in Islamic studies, interreligious dialogue, women’s studies, and spirituality.
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Faculty EmeritI 

  • Rev. John M. Ballweg, M.A., The Catholic University of America
  • Rev. John Morley, Ph.D., New York University
  • Rabbi Asher Finkel, Ph.D., Tuebeingen University