Christina Connor is a librarian at the George T. Potter Library at Ramapo College. She received both a M.S. in Information Studies and an M.A. in History from the University at Albany. Her thesis was entitled “Robert Bell and Samuel Loudon: The Dissemination of Information, The Freedom of the Press, and Book Publishing during the Age of Revolution in America.” At Ramapo, she oversees the care, maintenance and accessibility of the American History Textbook Project collection in the library. In addition, she coordinates and teaches textbook-centered sessions requested by faculty for their courses and develops lessons and hands-on activities that use the collection. In 2010, she and Dr. Stephen Rice contributed to an Association of College and Research Libraries publication, Past or Portal? Enhancing Undergraduate Learning through Special Collections and Archives, with their chapter, “The American History Textbook Project: The Making of a Student-Centered Special Collection at a Public Liberal Arts College.” Her latest article, “Re-Reading the American History Textbook in the Global Age,” reconsiders the American history textbook as a pedagogical tool, arguing that with creative use, textbooks can be used to introduce students to historical thought and critical reading as global citizens. Christina is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Drew University in History and Culture.