About DH

What is the Digital Humanities?

One of the richest and fastest growing areas for teaching, research, and scholarship in the humanities is in what has become known as the Digital Humanities.

According to “A Guide to Digital Humanities” (http://sites.library.northwestern.edu/dh/), DH includes, but is not exclusive to, the following:

·       scholarship presented in digital form(s)

·       scholarship enabled by digital methods & tools

·       scholarship about digital technology & culture

·       scholarship building and experimenting with digital technology

·       scholarship critical of its own digital-ness

Also see this material from A Short Guide to the Digital Humanities:

“This final section of  Digital Humanities reflects on the

preceding chapters, but can also stand alone as a concise

overview of the field. As digital methodologies, tools,

and skills become increasingly central to work in the

humanities, questions regarding fundamentals, project

outcomes, assessment, and design have become urgent.

The specifications provide a set of checklists to guide

those who do work in the Digital Humanities, as well as

those who are asked to assess and fund Digital Humanities

scholars, projects, and initiatives.”