Cathy Moran Hajo holds a B.A. from Ramapo College of New Jersey (’86),  a certificate in archival management, and an M.A.(’88), and Ph.D. from New York University (’06). She is currently the editor and director of the Jane Addams Papers Project which she brought to Ramapo College in 2015. Before that she worked for over 25 years as the Associate Editor and Assistant Director of the Margaret Sanger Papers at New York University. Cathy helped edit the 101 reels of the Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm Edition, the four volume Selected Papers of Margaret Sanger, and two digital publications, Margaret Sanger and The Woman Rebel and the Public Writings and Speeches of Margaret Sanger, 1911–1960.  She published Birth Control on Main Street: Organizing Clinics in the United States, 1916–1939 (’10). Cathy was the president of the Association for Documentary Editing from 2008 to 2009 and has held many committee roles and offices with the Association. She is also a board member and archival director for the Mahwah Museum.

She has taught graduate courses in digital history at both NYU and William Paterson University, and co-teaches a one-week course on digital editions at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, and at the one-week Institute for Editing Historical Documents. She teaches an undergraduate course, Discovering Digital History, at Ramapo College.