Burcak Ozludil is an architectural historian with a strong interest in digital art/architectural history. She holds a Ph.D. in Urban Systems (NJIT and Rutgers University). She received her architecture degree from Istanbul Mimar Sinan University, and M.Arch. degree in architectural history and theory from Yildiz Technical University. Burcak finalized her dissertation, entitled “Madness and Empire: The Ottoman Asylum, 1830-1930,” in 2017. She received a Social Science Research Council, Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship (2009), a Turkish Cultural Foundation Fellowship (2010-2011) for her dissertation research. She worked as the managing editor of Arredamento Mimarlik, the Istanbul-based architecture/design monthly. She taught courses at NJIT and Istanbul Okan University. She has been actively working at the intersection of digital initiatives and design since 2011. She received NJIT Seed Grants for her collaboration with a team from the College of Computing Sciences on the visualization of biomedical terminologies in 2015-16 and for the temporospatial analysis platform, SpatioScholar, that she has been developing with Augustus Wendell and Ulysee Thompson in 2016-17. With their project “Life of an Insane Asylum: A Temporospatial Simulation.”, the team won a New York City Digital Humanities Graduate Student Digital Project Award (Honorable Mention) in 2016. She has published and presented on temporospatial analysis of psychiatric spaces, Ottoman insane asylums, Islamic architecture, and digital outcome assessment in architecture, art and design schools. Burcak is currently the Coordinator of Accreditations, Digital Platforms, Media in the College of Architecture and Design (CoAD) at NJIT.

The link to the SpatioScholar site: https://spatioscholar.njit.edu