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The New Jersey Catholic Historical Commission welcomes you to our Homepage and hope that you find our organization of interest.  We are here to promote the value of religious history in the Garden State and beyond.  As an introduction please feel free to use our online brochure as a starting point on your journey to the NJCHC.  Thank you in advance for your interest!

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The Catholic Historian’s Handbook

By Carl Ganz, Jr.  

(New Jersey Catholic Historical Commission, 2015)

We are proud to announce the publication of this new book on how to properly research and write on Catholic History by Mr. Carl Ganz, Jr. who has made a detailed study on the importance of finding and recording scholarship from start to finish.  As he notes – “This book was written based on input from the members of both the New Jersey Catholic Historical Commission and the Diocese of Metuchen Historical Records Commission. The goal was to gather in one place all the advice, guidance, and collective experience of the two hundred plus combined years of academic service of the members of these commissions. The book’s unofficial subtitle, Everything We Wish We Knew Before Starting Our First Catholic History Project, is a most apt one as we tried to embody in one short volume all the information, thoughts, insights, suggestions, and knowledge that would have helped us our first time performing research in this field. Our goal is to allow you to benefit from that experience, learning from our mistakes, so that you don’t waste time or grow frustrated in your efforts in the field of American Catholic history.”

You are welcome to review the contents of this book through our site through the generosity of Mr. Ganz via the following link –

Ganz Jr., Carl – The Catholic Historian’s Handbook  (pdf)

…or you can order a soft cover version of this book directly through Amazon.com via the following URL –


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News Update

The Commission announces research stipend opportunities for interested individuals who are studying topics relevant to the field of New Jersey Catholic History.

Joseph F. Mahoney Research Award in New Jersey Catholic History

 This award first established in 2011 is named in honor of the late Professor Joseph F. Mahoney (1928-2006), a noted scholar in American Catholicism and esteemed former Executive Director of the New Jersey Catholic Historical Commission will be bestowed on an individual planning to conduct research related to Catholicism in New Jersey.  The original intent of this prize was to offer a single deserving recipient a research stipend every two years, but the prospect of supporting any serious researcher in the field of Catholic New Jersey history is a constant goal of the Commission.  Therefore, this award will be offered on an open and rolling basis as project needs arise.  Applications are to be judged on their own individual merit as they arrive before our committee for evaluation.

  • Requirement for the Research Award

Research projects that focus on any aspect(s) of New Jersey Catholic History which can include, but are not limited to an individual(s), institution(s), event(s), or other subject areas that cover the criteria set by the Commission will be considered for this award.

  • Amount of Award

Up to a maximum of $1,500.00 per individual.

  • Application Criteria

Applicants will be required to submit a cover letter, a letter describing their project, a budget, a curriculum vitae and at least one letter of reference.

  • Deadline


  • Announcement of Award

The judgment of the committee will be forthcoming within 30 days from the date when the application arrives unless otherwise noted.  Questions and clarifications of the applicant might be needed prior to the arrival of a final decision.

  • Submission Information

New Jersey Catholic Historical Commission

Monsignor William Noe’ Field Archives & Special Collections Center

Walsh Library – First Floor Seton Hall University

400 South Orange Avenue

South Orange, NJ  07079

Attn: Awards Committee


  • Questions & Further Information

Please feel free to contact Alan DeLozier, Executive Director.  E-Mail: <Alan.Delozier@shu.edu>  Phone:  (973) 275-2378