Vicious Persecutions: Past and Present

PrayerWe pray for all who suffer persecution for their faith.

In recent years the pressures against Christians in many nations have been intense.

At present, refugees are pressing against the borders of neighboring countries, hoping for freedom from danger. In an ecumenical prayer service in Washington D.C. several patriarchs called for international humanitarian assistance. Read Action needed more than aid in The Western Catholic Reporter (WCR) for the full story.

Earlier this week, a bishop from Northern Nigeria also described the grave danger to Christians in his area from attacks by a radical group as told in ZENIT’s report, Bishop of Yola: ‘Without Concrete Assistance, Nigerian Christians Will Be Exterminated.’ 

Lastly, the recent visit of Pope Francis to Albania recalls the years of an atheistic attack on the Church and on all adherents to religion. See the WCR’s Papal visit to Albania honours persecuted Church and the following detailed reports on the Pope’s visit by ZENIT: Pope’s Address to Interreligious Leaders of Albania and Pope Weeps Upon Hearing Witness of Religious Persecution in Albania.


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