W.Paul Stillman School of Business – Students who began undergraduate studies prior to Fall 2023

The equivalencies that apply to students who began undergraduate studies between Fall 2015 and  Fall 2023 are listed below.

(Students for whom these equivalencies apply may avail themselves of the more recent equivalencies which were put in place in Fall 2023, if this is more advantageous in some way)

Semester Honors Course Counts for
Fall (first year) HONS 1101 Colloquium on the
Ancient World (6 credits)
Religion Elective (3 credits)
ENGL 1201 – Core English I (3 credits)
Spring (first year) HONS 1102 Colloquium on the
Medieval World (6 credits)
Liberal Arts Elective (3 credits)
CORE 1101 – Journey of Transformation (3 credits)
Fall (second year) HONS 2103 Colloquium on the
Early Modern World (6 credits)
ENGL 1202 – Core English II (3 credits)
Communication Elective (3 credits)NOTE: These 3 credits cannot replace COST 1600 (Oral Communication). All Stillman School students are required to complete COST 1600.
Spring (second year) HONS 2105 Colloquium on the
Contemporary World (6 credits)
World Culture Elective (3 credits)
CORE 2101 – Christianity & Culture in Dialogue (3 credits)
Third or Fourth Year HONS 5101 Honors Thesis/Project (3 credits) Depending on the nature and topic of the project/thesis, this may fulfill a senior capstone or major thesis in the student’s major.NOTE: This arrangement can go the other way, with the senior capstone or major thesis in the major replacing HONS 5101. This is determined based on the student’s area of interest and which course would provide the more complete opportunity for advisement in that area.