Policy Regarding Opting Out of an Honors Program Cultural Event

The trips and excursions provided for students through the Honors Program are offered without any cost to those students who participate. This is one of the benefits of the program, and we have no plans to change this. However, what does occur at times is that students who sign up for these activities then back out after tickets have been purchased for them and transportation has been paid for. This leaves the Honors Program in the position of having paid for tickets and for transportation that are not used. This is not good. We do not have money to waste like this.

Since the Fall of 2015 our policy with regard to these excursions has been and continues to be as follows. Those who sign up for a trip/excursion will be notified a day or two before we purchase the tickets or arrange transportation. This will be your chance to verify that you will be going on the trip. If, after tickets have been purchased, you decide not to go on the trip, you will be required to pay upfront (out of your own pocket) for the next Honors-sponsored trip you choose to take part in. The only exceptions to this policy will be documented medical excuses.