Author: Danielle Pollaro

Call for Presenters

In order to celebrate the great teaching being done on campus, the Center for Faculty Development is looking for presenters who have tried-and-true methods to share in any of the following areas: Ways to begin or end a class session…

Library Bytes Fall 2016

Pre- or Post- Faculty Lunch Sessions on Library Tools and Resources. Faculty Lounge, University Center Tuesday, September 13, 11-12- Library Tools & Tricks, including journal viewer app, Google Scholar and PIVOT (grant locator) Monday, September 19, 11-12– Setting up your…

Trying Something New This Semester? Read this first!

Click on the below link to learn how to make effective changes to your courses this semester.—yqU7wVsBvmGJp_nsHfkKWWLKyChEXU-DHeisuS1fB5Tyznd4L4D3CZQCTZY5zGfOZ2M934rUvzoho_LBOoz96g5q2Q&_hsmi=32737931

The Worst Way to Start a Semester

Check out the below article to find out what the worst way to start a new semester!