CFD Workshop Series: Alternative Assessment Methods II

“Digital Tools for In-Class Assessment”

Oct. 14, 8:30 – 9:30am

In Teams Live

     Assessment of student learning can go beyond the traditional paper or test. It can also take the form of projects of various kinds: videos, games, blogs, interactive texts, even an un-essay.

     Join us for this second in a series of CFD workshops to learn about tools that can be used for more creative assessment. In this workshop, Cara Adams of the English department will discuss her use of brief analytical polls in Teams channels to informally assess student learning. Lauren McFadden of the Education Studies department will share the various ways to integrate Nearpod and Flipgrid into your classroom to enhance engagement and formatively assess students. Finally, Shayle Adrian, a TLTC Instructional Designer, will talk about how to design rubrics for use with in-class assessments.


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