Hey, I’m Isabel!

I studied music for most of my life prior to coming to Seton Hall to study journalism. I love writing and I love my major, but music has and will always have my heart. I attended a performing arts high school where I was a vocal music major with a concentration in  classical voice. Despite this, I have an appreciation for all genres of music. I truly believe there is no such thing as a bad song — only closed ears. I think studying music helps to have a deeper understanding of why this is.

For my blog, I am reviewing albums each week pertaining to a different genre and different decade. Each week, I listen to each track on an album, and dissect why the artist may have wrote it and the meaning behind it. I even discuss why they may have numbered the songs the way they did. I compare and contrast how music has changed over time and use my own experiences as a musician and singer to influence my reviews. Also, each week in the “Song Bites” category, I’ll be posting links to my favorite song on each album. Hope you enjoy!

Please feel free to contact me at isabel.soisson@student.shu.edu!