Three Minute Leadership: The Only Difference That Really Matters

To:  The Great Leaders Who Have a Passion for Continuous Learning
“The major difference between high achievers and average folks has nothing to do with education or talent, gender or genetics or luck” writes Philip Humbert, leadership author and coach.  “The only difference that really matters in terms of results and achievement is this: High achievers use their time and energy differently than everyone else. That’s it.. How we use our time determines about 90% of our results.”
It is about focus, planning and clarity of priorities – a simple, daily hand-written plan each morning about what you will do in the day ahead.  Yes, there will be interruptions during the day, but you work through them and go back to the plan.  Humbert suggests taking four minutes each morning and answering three questions which, he says, will “double your productivity”:
   1.  Who am I and what’s most important to me? Don’t make this difficult, just ponder your top values and priorities for one minute.
  2.  What are the most important things I want to get done in the next few days? What specific projects, tasks, or results do I want to accomplish this week?
   3.  In light of the first two questions, what will I do today to move me forward? What couple of things–tasks, phone calls, decisions–will I do today to move incrementally closer to my goals?
Then spend the last minute jotting down your answers to this question: “What will I do today and when will I do it?”
Four minutes a day out of 1440 minutes, a scant 0.003% of a day, can “double your productivity.”  Imagine the compounding impact on your life if you do this daily from this day forward. 
Steve Jobs said: “We are here to make a dent in the world.” Go out and make some dents today, and have fun doing it!
Have a beautiful day and an awesome week!!!

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